Introducing MyoCycle App


Brett Lancaster has consistently looked to Myotherapy as an effective tool to maintain and rehabilitate his body. In conjunction with his Myotherapist, Cher Hetherington of Shepparton Myotherapy, Cher & Brett are proud to introduce to you an interactive tool for cyclists of all ages and abilities. MyoCycle, the App, puts Myotherapy into your hands and allows you to educate yourself about common cycling related injuries, how to prevent them through strengthening exercises and positioning and how to treat them through corrective exercises.

Myocycle has been designed by experienced professionals for cyclists of all levels. Whether you are a social rider, weekend warrior or an elite professional, you will have suffered pain through injury or strain. Myotherapy provides an accurate assessment of the typical causes of pain and offers specifically targeted techniques for both prevention and relief.

The MyoCycle App includes: +Easy identification of the possible cause of your pain +An explanation of where pain may be referred to +A step-by-step guide to effective exercises, stretches and techniques +Clear graphics and instructions

MyoCycle is now available for iPhone & Android.